Wrecking Crew-sers Club Application

Dear Applicant;
We have some very very strick rules you must abide by in order to join our club.
Because we do not have any Meetings, you cannot attend any.
Because we do not have any Officers, you cannot be one.

Because we do not have any Club Appearal at this time, you cannot wear any.
You must send in a couple clear pictures of your Wrecked Hot Rod to the Wrecking Crew-sers
You must send a One Time ( Lifetime ) $ 5.00 fee to the Wrecking Crew-sers
We will send you a Club Decal for your ride.
Membership is for a Lifetime or as long as this website exist, whichever ends first!
Send a Five Dollar bill to Wrecking Crew-sers / 488 Monroe Blvd. / Painesville, Ohio 44077
We will post your picture and send you a decal.

City, State & Zip  
Phone Number  
Email Address  
Type of Car