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Attention Car Clubs

Need a Website?
Don’t want the hassle of domain names and webmasters?

We can offer a hassle free way of having your own website without all the trouble of registering your own domain name and the high cost of creating and maintaining of a website.

Here is how it works….
We registered the name , we can put your club logo, icon or verbage, on this hub page, along with others (listed alphabetically). Send people to the page and they simply click on your icon sending them to a YOUR CLUB SITE we build for you, with info, photos & files YOU supply. If you want a site with a large inventory or shopping cart, this idea is not for you. We are doing this for those in need a basic site with basic maintenance without the high cost of having your own domain name and the high cost of a webmaster.
If you have your own website already this is not intended for you, but we can still place your logo on the hub page for increased traffic to your site, contact us for details!!!

Get your site Up and
Running TODAY

The Specifics:

Go to and see the layout.
Cost is : $20.00 per month (or one annual payment of $225.00, that’s 18.75 a month!!)
No other fees! No registering! No webmaster costs! No Hassle! You can be on in an instant!

Here is what we do for you :

* We already registered the name,
Send everyone to this address and tell them to click on your icon! No need for you to ever register a domain name.

* Your logo, icon or verbage is put on the hub page and is linked to “YOUR SITE”
The hub page will have multiple car clubs listed, each linked to their site, and we will list in alphabetical order.

* We build YOUR SITE for you, perform basic maintenance, updates when needed.
We will build a basic site with multiple pages with pictures and text THAT YOU SUPPLY!
No high cost webmasters here!

You can supply us with text in various ways:
- Send us an email with the text typed in the body of the email
- Send us a PDF document with your text, via email or CD rom
- Send us a Microsoft Word document with your text , via email or CD Rom
- Send us a CD with your documents via US mail or drop it off
- If you do not have Word you can type text in “NOTEPAD”, that is in the accessories tab of all computers

You can supply us with photos in various ways:
- Send us an email with your photos in JPG format.
- Burn your photos on a CD and mail it or drop it off.

Your site can consist of the following pages, with navigation to all pages.
- Home page
- Photo page (or pages)
- Member Listing page
- Contact us page
- Club specifics page
- Events - Schedule page
- Links page

Things we DO for you: (once your site is up and running)
- we will do minor changes, phone number changes, contact info, etc as quickly as possible
- we will update your events and schedule page within 24 to 48 hours
- we will post or update event pictures at least a couple times a month
- we will post only car related photos and text, not used for open selling
- we can change a Home Page text area with your personal message” every month if you like.
- we add all content and keep a backup for you

Things we DO NOT DO :
- we do not post photos that would be copyright infringement.
- we do not post obscene, vulgar, or offensive photos or text.
- we do not search the web for your photos, you MUST send them to us.
- we do not re-type” all your text from a printed document
- only we can add content to prevent site crashing, no other access to site files permitted
- if you desire a complex home page or a specific look” you must create it yourself.

YOUR SITE will only have as much information and photos AS YOU SEND TO US!!!
We can dress up what you send, but YOU GOTTA SEND IT!!

Your Web Pages will not be uploaded until Payment has been recieved.
In the event of non-payment, website will be removed after 30 days